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Services Offered by Gardens by Demetra

There is no cookie-cutter garden, just like there is no cookie-cutter home. Demetra can customize services that work for your budget, so think of this page as a starting point.

If you don’t see something on the list that fits your needs, we can still make something beautiful for you. Just fill out our contact form and tell us what you’re looking for!

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Full-Service Landscape Design & Installation
Let Demetra and her team get their hands dirty, bringing your landscape to life. Whether it’s a small vegetable garden or a backyard entertaining space, complete with a firepit and fencing, Demetra’s team works efficiently to create your custom outdoor living area. 

Year-Round Pollinator Garden
Give the birds and the bees a vibrant playground with a native flowering bed. Using a variety of plants, Demetra and her team can create a space for you that has color and life from spring all the way through winter. Bulbs planted in the fall will bloom in the spring, and you can have shrubs that give bright holly-like berries all through the winter!

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance
Demetra’s team will take care of seasonal maintenance of your plants, making sure they are ready to grow and thrive. This service is a fully loaded garden care package.

Custom Stone Work & Fencing Installation
Need something more than plants to make the outdoor space of your dreams? Demetra works with a talented, detail-oriented team of masons who love working with natural stone to create impeccable pathways, walls, and patios. To keep your gardens private and safe, we can also partner with a team who builds beautiful custom wood-panel fencing.

Container Gardens
If you’re looking for a seasonal container for your retail establishment or home, Demetra will find the perfect container for your needs and fill it with color, drama, and seasonal beauty!

Signature Consultation
If you aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty or want to upgrade your yard, but don’t know where to start, this one’s for you! Demetra can be your sounding board and give you a report with her recommendations of what variety of plants to use, including when and where to plant them.

Signature Landscape Design
Take the signature consultation a step further! Demetra will provide you with a full to-scale drawing that will detail everything from hardscape to each individual perennial, shrub, and tree.

Want to learn more?

If you’re looking for a custom garden design, please fill out this form and Demetra will reach out to you to kick things off!

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