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Demetra is a passionate garden designer with 20 years of experience creating organic landscapes and habitat designs which transform mundane yards into unique living spaces. With a native-first approach, your garden will be beautiful and beneficial for the earth, birds, and pollinators!

Whatever your vision and budget is, Demetra will put together the right people, plants and materials to make your landscape design perfect for you.


Custom Landscape Design and  Installation
Demetra designs and installs custom low-maintenance gardens and outdoor spaces using native shrubs, perennials, and trees that complement each other, giving you a landscape  to enjoy no matter the season. 

Bulb Blitz
These aren’t your regular tulip bulbs. Demetra will give you a spring garden that will have a variety of bulbs that will surprise and delight you (and pollinators)  when the snow melts!

High Line Shrub and Tree Installation
Think big!  If you have a large area to fill or need privacy in your yard, Demetra will give you a design with height and depth using shrubs and trees that will grow and expand as time goes on.

Signature Consultation & Design
For anyone starting a new native gardening project, Demetra will give you a detailed report with her recommendations on what to plant and where.

Garden Maintenance
Our team will make sure your garden stays beautiful and healthy year round

Want to learn more?

If you’re looking for a custom garden design, please fill out this form and Demetra will reach out to you to kick things off!