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FAQs for Gardens by Demetra

How do you normally work with your clients?
Open and transparent communication is core to how Demetra works. She will keep you informed every step of the way, and is very accessible if you have any questions during the design process. Leading up to and on the day of installation, Demetra will be on site herself to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Can you provide an estimate for my project?
An estimate will be provided after discussing the project in depth, and you will have a chance to review it, ask questions, and make adjustments before Demetra starts tagging plants and putting you into her schedule.

How do you charge?
Currently, we accept checks & cash as payment. Stay tuned for updates on this front!

How long will my project take?
The length of the project will depend on the scope of the work required and the weather. Demetra will give as much notice as possible if anything changes or is delayed.

What are the key things I should prepare to make this project go smoothly?
There isn’t a lot you’ll need to prepare.  Depending on the size of the installation a clear driveway and available water are all we really need to be able to get to work!  If special permits are required, those will need to be in place prior to start of work.  GbD can help with this if necessary.

Any other tips?
Have patience. Enjoy watching the plants grow. And water!

Large plants, such as shrubs and perennials, may take up to two years to fully adjust to their new environment. If you’re having any doubts about the health or conditions of your plants after they’ve been planted, Demetra will be able to assess their condition and recommend the best next steps, whether that’s grabbing some horticultural oil from a local garden supply store, or having her team replace the plant entirely.

Remember how a garden grows:: “First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap!

What happens if I change my mind in the middle of the project? What if I don’t like some of the plants?
Demetra prides herself on getting to know her clients throughout the design process. Sometimes, the exact varieties of plants on your proposal won’t be available at the quality she likes when she goes to source them, and in that case, Demetra will do her best to find the closest similar plant to match the overall goal of your garden habitat. If a client wants to give a final thumbs up to plants and placement prior to planting this will absolutely be accommodated. 

Do you have maintenance plans?  If yes, what do they include?
We customize our  maintenance plans based on your expectations of how the landscape should look and how much maintenance you plan to do yourself.  Most maintenance plans involve seasonal maintenance, feeding, weeding, and pruning as needed but some might include seasonal container swaps, weekly fine gardening, etc.  .Maintenance teams are using best practices to keep your gardens healthy and vibrant habitats for good bugs and birds. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your landscape will become an ecosystem for critters!

What areas do you work in?
North and West of Boston, residential and commercial, established landscapes and brand new construction, country, city and everything in between.