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About Demetra

Demetra has had a lifelong passion for organic gardening, design, and habitat building. Her consistent organic practices help ensure that clients enjoy landscapes that are both beautiful and good to the earth. Demetra takes pride in the fact that she has created landscapes which never rely on pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers to thrive and provide their owners and visitors with lasting and healthy enjoyment. 

An essential component of Gardens by Demetra is the use of native plants. Gardens that feature mostly  exotic or ornamental plants do not offer beneficial habitat to native insects and birds. Demetra  loves to create beauty for people and our good bugs and songbirds.  And her clients love it too.

When working with clients, Demetra focuses on really getting to know them. The more that relationship develops, the more thrilled the client is with their new landscape. Through open communication and phasing projects out over multiple seasons, Demetra has created wonderful landscapes for homes, retail establishments, and public spaces throughout Massachusetts.

In addition to designing and installing landscapes, Demetra leads classes and workshops for garden clubs, libraries, sustainability teams, and friend groups who might want to learn how to best eradicate invasives, add natives to their gardens, or how to build gorgeous, one of a kind wreaths and containers.  

She is currently working on a series of articles to be shared with clients in this space and is constantly working to rid her small patch of land of invasives to make room for more native trees!  She dreams of inventing fully plantable containers for the landscape trade and a bomb proof rabbit free garden!  Pipe dreams probably.

In the off season, Demetra creates theater when and where she can.  And of course designs beautiful landscapes on paper while gazing out at the snow from her home office. 

Don’t be surprised if you see Demetra in her red pickup stalking your garden.  She loves watching landscapes planted 1, 5, 10 and 20  years ago develop and thrive over time!

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